Who am I?

I guess this is one of the first questions that pops into your mind. Before continuing, I want to thank you for spending a bit of your time here in Mercurial Travels. I hope you’ll find the inspiration to step into the unknown and explore this beautiful planet we call home.

My name is Esteban Soto. A young and adventurous Costa Rican who happens to live in Finland. I know, how the hell a Costa Rican ends up in one of the most extreme places on Earth? I get that question all the time. I’ll come back to this after a few lines.


Travelling was not my thing

To be honest I was never too keen on travelling. First of all, when you live in a country such as Costa Rica, we have so much going on there that sometimes you think twice about flying to another country.

I mean we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea both with beautiful beaches, add mountains, volcanoes, jungle, amazing people, great food to the equation and you’ll understand why. Even after 21 years of living in there I have lots of amazing places that I haven’t visited.

At some point back in 2005, I just graduated from high school and I got very curious of what would be like living in a country that was completely the opposite from home. So I decided to go for an exchange year with an organization called AFS and that’s how I ended up in the city of Oulu, Finland in 2006.

That period of my life made me who I am now. It completely changed the way I thought about travelling and other cultures. It made me want to experience it again and again in as many places I could. That is what I do now when I travel, you will see me hanging out with locals, hiking mountains, trying to avoid touristy places and driving in crazy roads.

When it comes to getting out of the comfort zone I might be addicted to it.


Long story short

During my first year in Finland I met my wife with whom I have the luck of sharing many of these trips that I will be writing about. After we got married in 2010 I moved permanently to Finland. Since then we’ve been living also in France, Philippines, Thailand and Spain. For now back in Finland just for now, it is very simple, we don’t plan to stay here for life, there is so much to experience out there that living in just one country would limit this greatly.

So this is it, very long story short. Very warm welcome to Mercurial Travels. if you want to know what “Mercurial Travelling” means to me and why I started this site you can continue reading here: What is Mercurial Travelling?


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