Red Rock Canyon 13-mile Scenic Drive

The Red Rock Canyon 13-mile scenic drive is a loop that will slowly show you the most beautiful places from it.

red rock canyon 13 mile drive

I got to see part of the Red Rock Canyon while hiking to Lone Mountain Peak a day before. Let me tell you that anyone going to this place, with red rock lines all over it, is up for a treat.

Just imagine all what those lines have seen during their existence.

Henkilön ESTEBAN SOTO 🇨🇷🇫🇮 (@mercurial_traveler) jakama julkaisu

While you are in Las Vegas or nearby areas and you want to get out of the city to experience some mind-blowing landscapes the 13-mile scenic drive won’t disappoint.

Where is the Red Rock Canyon 13-mile scenic drive?

Red Rock Canyon, 3D rendered and printed since 500 million BC.

Henkilön ESTEBAN SOTO 🇨🇷🇫🇮 (@mercurial_traveler) jakama julkaisu

It is really simple to get to the Red Rock Canyon 13-mile scenic drive entrance. Here is how to get there from the Strip.

Even if you are short of time you can simply hop on your car and drive around it, it will take about 45 minutes to do the loop with no stops. If you have a few hours to spare then you can pick one or two of the several trails and start hiking.

I was there with 2 colleagues and since we had about 3-4 hours before we needed to head back to Las Vegas then we decided to do the Turtlehead Peak Trail. It was a demanding trek but there are so many places to pick from.

Take a look at this great official pdf which comes with a map and more info on where to hike.

Read more about Turtlehead Peak hike

In our case, we went to Turtlehead Peak first and a storm hit right after we came down from the summit, lucky us.

Turtlehead Peak is the one in the background to the right.

red rock canyon 13 mile drive

Then the view got very cloudy but after a few minutes the clouds gave in and we could see the mountains from up close from one of the last parking places.

red rock canyon 13 mile drive

Entrance Fee

The entrance to the Red Rock Canyon 13-mile scenic drive is 15 usd per car and it is all worth it. You can find more information on the entrance fees here:

To be honest 15 usd is nothing compared to the beauty of this place and you are helping authorities on their conservation efforts.

Still not sure in going there? here more pictures:

Any questions? or what did you like the most? Write a comment here below or DM me on Instagram if you plan to visit or visited the Red Rock Canyon!


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