Taking the Ferry from Vila San Giovanni to Messina

Planning a roadtrip to Sicily from mainland? In here you will find all the information needed about the ferry from Vila San Giovanni to Messina and back.

When planning our roadtrip from Rome to Sicily, there was little to no information about taking the ferry from Vila San Giovanni to Messina. So I decided to add the necessary details to make this part of the drive easier.

Vila San Giovanni to Messina

Vila San Giovanni to Messina

Driving to Vila San Giovanni’s Ferry departure gate

It is an easy drive, just put the address to the city of “Messina” to google maps, the GPS will take you exactly to were the ferry leaves. After that it is just 20 minutes and you are already in Messina. The way back to Villa San Giovanni is exactly the same.

Vila San Giovanni to Messina
Messina and sunset from the ferry


Cars: 37€ one way, 42€ 3-day ticket

(We took the 42€ 3-day ticket as we were there for a long weekend, so we did save a bunch of money!)

Pedestrians: € 2.50 one-way ticket, 5.00 € arrival/return within 7 days

Vila San Giovanni to Messina


The ferry runs 24/7 in intervals of 40 minutes in both directions, starting at 00:00, 00:40, 01:20, 02:00, etc.


Ferry facilities

It is a big boat you are getting in, so onboard the ferry you will find toilets and coffee places with some local delicacies.


If you are driving, you need to buy the ticket from the gate, so you have 2 options, park the car and go to buy it or if you have a “co-pilot” then send it over there to buy the ticket while you are waiting in the line to get in the ferry, this way you don’t lose time 😉 this is what we did after looking at other locals doing it.

Note: after some searching I found this helpful website with with the same info I describe above, perhaps they will update it in the future with more helpful information: Ferries to Sicily

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